Our No. 1 mission is to create refreshing hopped beverages that anyone can enjoy

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Hopped with Motueka and Cashmere

Hopped with Galaxy


Capital region

Rest of Finland

K-Citymarket Ruoholahti, Helsinki

K-Supermarket Arabia, Helsinki

K-Supermarket Kamppi, Helsinki

K-Supermarket Redi, Helsinki

K-Supermarket Pohjois-Haaga, Helsinki

K-Market Katajanokka, Helsinki

K-Market Mansku, Helsinki

K-Market Reimarla, Helsinki

K-Market Pikku-Hertta, Helsinki

Pien Shop, Helsinki

ETKO Brewing, Helsinki

K-Citymarket Sello, Espoo

K-Supermarket Lasihytti, Espoo

K-Supermarket Seilori, Espoo

K-Supermarket Suurpelto, Espoo

K-Market Kilo, Espoo

Salama Brewing Co, Espoo

Tired Uncle Brewing Co, Espoo

K-Citymarket Tammisto, Vantaa

K-Citymarket Heinola

K-Citymarket Hyvinkää

K-Citymarket Hämeensaari, Hämeenlinna

K-Citymarket Palokka, Jyvöskylä

K-Citymarket Kolmisoppi, Kuopio

K-Citymarket Paavola, Lahti

K-Citymarket Riihimäki

K-Citymarket Päivölä, Seinäjoki

K-Citymarket Lielahti, Tampere

K-Citymarket Linnainmaa, Tampere

K-Citymarket Länsikeskus, Turku

K-Citymarket Rusko, Oulu

K-Citymarket Kouvola

K-Citymarket Imatra

K-Supermarket Hollola

K-Supermarket Orimattila

K-Supermarket Joutsensilta, Oulu

K-Supermarket Kaijonharju, Oulu

K-Supermarket Sammonlahti, Lappeenranta

K-Market Amuri, Tampere

K-Market Vellamonkatu, Tampere

Sonnisaari panimo Oy, Oulu

About us

We're two guys trying to make a difference.


Our passion is beer but the fact is;

you can't drink all day long every day of the year.


That is why we've created Halla. This is our way to express ourselves.

Most of our products are non-alcoholic but we are planning to make some alcoholic party drinks as well.


You can contact us on: